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The members of the Rockhampton Photography Club showcase their talents in this collection of photos that use the city of Rockhampton as their frame of reference. Their brief was to search their archives for images that expressed their feelings for the place. These are the images they chose. The passion and skill celebrated in the best photos in this, their love song to the city, demand widespread recognition for their achievement.


Black and white photography will never lose its appeal. The medium allows the photographer to concentrate on the nature of light and its dark reverse, on patterns and shade, on chiaroscuro, movement and character, purity of line and angle. Black and white images expose the essential nature of things. The city of Rockhampton has so many elements that illustrate its particular nature, found in its people, its natural and built heritage, and its history.


Strong artistic design is also required to bring disparate images together into a cohesive whole. A collection that looks as though to move any element would break that whole, is a tribute to fine design. Designer, Michelle Black, has chosen from the many images presented to her and, in some cases, sampled only parts of the images, to make these photos sing together in harmony.


Please enjoy this Rocky love song.

A Rocky Love Song

  • A Rocky Love Song
    Size: 240 x 240mm
    Extent: Unpaged (74pp)
    Style: Matt b&w cover with spot cello, b&w Interior
    Binding: Perfect
    ISBN:978 0 6485841 1 7

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