the story of Mount Morgan, Gold, Black Gold and Intrigue by Cyril Grabs - Coorooman Press
This is the story of Mount Morgan, the greatest single mountain of gold ever discovered. It is the story of the town and the company of the same name and of the working men and women who turned it into a familiar name on the Stock Exchanges of the world in the early 1900s…….Read More
When author Claire Ryan moved to Emu Park, Queensland, she fell in love with the Singing Ship memorial. As a response to the place the Ship has played in her life and its place in the local culture Claire has compiled a history of the concept, design and building of the ‘singing’ memorial to Captain James Cook……Read More
This offering from Coorooman Press is part of an on-going series of works of history from the Rockhampton region Some, such as this volume, will be reprints of early works while others …..Read More
“Battler’s Tales” is a classic of local literature. Based on the people and incidents of the early years of the Rockhampton district, this collection of the columns of newspaper correspondent J.G. Pattison ….Read More
From 1912–1935 Henry Arthur Kellow was Headmaster of the Rockhampton Grammar School. In A Moving Mind author Lorna McDonald examines the personal, intellectual, and educational legacy of a fascinating and influential cultural leader. ….Read More

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